Michael Bachman, Chief Architect, Boomi


Mike Bachman, affectionately dubbed “Bachman” by peers, is Boomi’s Chief Architect for the Boomi Technology Office. With over two decades of expertise, he has assisted executives and their teams in overcoming complex obstacles through innovative tech solutions. Bachman’s background encompasses AI R&D, data pipeline development, infrastructure planning, application integration, performance analysis, and the exploration of nascent technologies.


Currently, he delves into pioneering and groundbreaking innovations, applying them to diverse use cases and patterns, ultimately crafting inventive problem-solving approaches. Bachman’s goals extend to aiding businesses in leveraging cutting-edge advancements for addressing social and environmental concerns. A published author, voracious learner, and technology philosopher, he revels in acquiring languages, indulging in literature, keeping active, tuning into podcasts, embarking on hikes, and savoring travel adventures. Spending quality time with his family is his priority.


Bachman also possesses a penchant for bowties—spot him in person, and the likelihood of witnessing this sartorial signature is high.

Roger Billings, Director and Principal Architect – Emerging Technologies, Cradlepoint


As the Director and Principal Architect focused on Emerging Technologies at Cradlepoint, Roger develops multi-vendor business solutions with a focus on 4G and 5G technologies. Roger leads the technical strategy group for 5G within Cradlepoint. He also focuses on the new and emerging technologies, such as next-generation SD-WAN, Private Cellular, AI and the upcoming 6G technologies that will be deployed by network operators around the world. In addition, Roger leads webinars and conducts speaking engagements about the use of 5G and 4G LTE technology in multiple industry segments. He has authored or co-authored multiple technical articles on the Cradlepoint website.

Lee Bogner, Global Chief eCommerce Enterprise Architect – Senior Enterprise Architect Leader, Mars, Inc.


An e-commerce executive since 1996, Lee Bogner is the Global Enterprise Architect for eCommerce, digital innovations, Food and Emerging Markets at Mars, Inc. – the world’s premier confectionery, food and pet care CPG. Here he advises global and emerging markets businesses on D2C, B2B and hybrid online marketplace e-commerce strategies and operations; e-retail digital product content and syndication; social, video and community e-commerce and analytics; as well as game-changing virtual consumer experiences – including the ground-breaking, pandemic-ready, patent-pending consumer experience app Mars Treat-Town for Halloween.


At recent CG, consulting and retail posts, Lee led e-commerce architecture for J&J and Accenture and was head of e-commerce strategy and operations directing Bed Bath and Beyond’s buybuyBaby.com e-Retail business. Prior, Lee held senior consulting and management roles at research think-tank / Chief Information Officer advisors – The Research Board – (acquired by Gartner Research); the IBM Corp., and several exited-startups in the fields of digital business; social business; data analytics; digital media and e-commerce.


Additionally, Lee has MBA and BSc degrees in Analytics and Information Systems and has recently studied Innovation Ecosystems at MIT Sloan. Lee also helps shape the next generation of digital business leaders as professor of EMBA strategy, e-commerce, information systems and analytics at Hofstra University.

Victor Coglianese, Sr Director, Infrastructure, Operations and Cloud Architecture, TransUnion


Progressive technical and management expertise in diverse information technology areas with demonstrated initiative, creativity and success. Known for developing and executing innovative IT infrastructure solutions. Proven track record of utilizing technology to streamline workflow, reduce cost, and increase productivity. Quick study with ability to easily assimilate requirements and aggressively employ new methodologies. Energetic and self-motivated team player/builder; at ease in high stress, fast-paced environments with multiple responsibilities.


Specialties: Systems & Solution Architecture , Staff supervision and mentoring, Lease and Contract Negotiation, Strategic Planning, Cost Containment and Budgeting, Legal Compliancy, Vendor Relations, Asset Management


Ninos Gabriel, Executive Director, Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Transformation Leader, BCBS Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Texas


A strategic, top performing executive with 15+ years of proven leadership success across multiple IT functions. Innovative and solutions-focused visionary with a consistent record delivering mission-critical enterprise solutions, to maximize return on investment and strategic business outcomes.


Proficiencies include:


IT Strategy, Enterprise & Business Architecture, Transformation Strategy / Business Transformation, Acquisition integration / Post-merger / Due diligence, Technology Strategy & Roadmap development, Operational Excellence, Business/Competitive Intelligence, Cross-Cultural Communications, Project Portfolio Mgmt, IT Service Mgmt / ITIL, IT Governance

Andrew McGrath, VP, Digital Product Strategy, KeHE Distributors


Andrew F. McGrath began his career at Manhattan Associates, a prominent supply chain software firm, where he rapidly grasped the complexities of the B2B digital product lifecycle. His adaptability and comprehensive understanding of software design, development, and implementation subsequently led him to a venture-backed startup in Silicon Valley. In this dynamic environment, he refined his entrepreneurial abilities, playing a significant role in steering the company towards a successful sale. Andrew then utilized his expertise in a consulting role, aiding companies in the selection and implementation of packaged software systems. In 2013, he joined KeHE Distributors to spearhead the modernization of technology systems, successfully leading the company through a massive scale-up from $1 billion to $7 billion via organic growth and multiple acquisitions. He established and directed diverse teams in areas such as distribution systems, product engineering, business intelligence, product management, and strategic planning. A proud UIUC alumnus with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, Andrew resides north of Chicago with his family and their two beloved cats, Jim and Steve.

Jay Patel, Senior Sales Engineer, Azul


Jay Patel is a high-performance Java thought leader and adviser to cloud/Internet, FinTech, Telco, MedTech technical decision makers and senior management at global leading enterprises. He has a strong background in software development and deployment, testing and tuning. With a track record of optimizing systems, Jay drives innovations, and delivers results. Currently Jay serves as a Senior Solutions Engineer at Azul Systems and is based in New York City. This year he has focused on cost optimization, so large and small businesses can trim the fat and do more with less.

Dean Sharp, Global Director of Information Security Architecture and Engineering, ManpowerGroup


As a professional consultant for over two decades I have provided not only technical expertise to my clients but strategic guidance paired with large doses of common-sense. I do not sell technology for technologies sake; rather I provide complete solutions that offer sustainable architecture, cost benefit and growth potential.


My ideology of striving to be better than the competition is not unique yet my passion for success separates me from my peers. Consultants are generally held to higher standards when engaged and as a consultant I have received accolades for exceeding expectations, have been awarded permanent titles, and have always acted in the best interests of my clients.


In a continuously changing marketplace and a faltering economy it can be complicated to forge ahead, especially when labor and benefits are being scrutinized and cost containment is being mandated. To that end it makes sense to engage persons that offer the most ‘bang for the buck’.


By understanding the business of the client I am able to adapt technology to the needs of the client. The personal attention, dedication to the success of the business and never fail attitude is just another way I provide exceptional service.

In the last decade I have worked in over thirty countries around the world designing, deploying and delivering solutions utilizing best of breed technologies. Global WAN deployments, network and security infrastructures, data center design and implementations and much more – all meeting and exceeding the client’s needs and requests.
To say that I’ve done all of this alone would be naïve and irresponsible. My success directly corresponds to the teams that I’ve worked with, managed and learned from. I have faced remarkable adversity at many of my clients, from budget restraints and nearly impossible timelines to cultural differences across the world. In each and every instance I was able to overcome, adapt and continue to resolution.


Specialties: End to end solution design and architecture, disaster recovery and BCP, centralization and cost savings, strategic technology adaption and positioning, vendor and contract management.


Rakesh Singh, Enterprise Architect, OneAmerica


Specialties: Enterprise Architecture, Strategic Planning, Enterprise Capability Modelling, Capability based business planning, Project execution and mentoring, EA enabled Scaled Agile and Agile project delivery.


Craig St. Jean, Chief Technology Architect, Low Code, Xebia


OutSystems MVP, solution architect, and developer with significant experience in enterprise applications on traditional Java stacks, .NET, and OutSystems. Technical leader who has led large- and small-scale projects to drive business value. Mentor and Pluralsight Author.

Kirti Vaidya, Vice President, Business Architecture and Transformation, Gallagher Bassett


An IT leader with demonstrated vision and leadership in Agile Application Transformation, enterprise-wide Agile Process Implementation, Product Management of public API, and Business Development. Subject matter expert and strategic partner for VPs, CTOs, and CIOs. Author and practitioner of agile processes – 2011 Grand Prize winner of the CSC Papers Program, “An Agile Process Framework for Cloud Application Development”. Thought leader and speaker at many industry conferences. Lived and worked in India, Germany, Australia, Japan, and USA.


Specialties: Agile Application Transformation, Agile process training, coaching, and implementation, API Product Management.


Mike Woods, Vice President, General Manager – Central, Evangelist, Denodo


Mike Woods is Vice President, General Manager – Central, Evangelist is located in Chicago, Illinois. Joining Denodo in March of 2020, Mike brings a wide variety of experiences from his 30+ years of working for NCR/Teradata in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Starting in the F&A area of NCR in Dayton Ohio, to a Supply Chain Solution Product Manager role in Milan Italy, to the Wal-Mart Sales Director in Bentonville Arkansas and finally for the past 12 years in Sales Management in Chicago IL.


Through these different business disciplines, Mike has worked with leading Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturer, and CPG companies around the world. Mike is a passionate speaker and moderator on the topics of Data Management, Data Integration, Data and Analytics, and strategically driving time to value with cloud/hybrid migration, digital transformation and modernization initiatives.


Mike has Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance from Indiana University; Bloomington and an MBA in International Business from the University of Dayton.